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About Me

Eneida Rosa, is a Brazilian born artist, now living in Spain with her husband and daughter. She began sculpting around 2005, shortly after the birth of her little girl. She comes from a very artistic family, her grandfather was a  brass Eneida Rosasculptor and her grandmother is a painter and she is very proud of her. Being an artist already, she already had a good feel for the human figure but like many of us, feels she learned a lot from the many wonderful tutorials to be found on the Internet. She was introduced to porcelain painting by her mother and now Eneida shares her love of art with her daughter, who often sculpts along side her at her own little studio table. Her husband is very supportive in all she does and he is also very creative, working in television with illumination . He often helps her with her work and gives plenty of advice when needed, actually he also take pictures of her work , take careful of the ilumination and best presentasion .She sculpts her OOAK Fairies, mermaids and other fantasy creatures by day, and uses a wonderful array of materials, vintage findings, laces and natural items. Eneida uses many types of clays each one have a special quality but her favorite clay is called PV Clay . Over time she has found this a very durable clay for shipping overseas.She loves make her polymer clay mix and She makes her own, very realistic eyes, and believes the eyes are the soul of her piece, so works hard to acheive as much realism as she can. Mohair is her hair of choice, and she will often spend a great deal of time in straightening the hair and caring for it. She uses Genesis heat set paints, being a traditional porcelain painter her speciality is portraits in porcelain , and she uses the same method when painting her sculptures. Sometimes they require many layers and many bakings before she is pleased with the effect.

Tips from Eneida.
The best tip she can give to other artists, is to use references, study anatomy, pay attention to the little details and use the finest materials available.
“It’s hard for me to name a few artists as I love so many” She is also inspired by the human body, her beautiful little girl, the art all around her, art books from famous museums around the world and browsing sites such as Deviant Art, that are rich in diversity.

Her work is sold on Ebay and her user name is *fairiesanddreams


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